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Mango Beach - Tofo Mozambique

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Welcome to Mango Beach Lodge, situated in the heart of the most beautiful coast lines Mozambique has to offer. Located 24 Kilometers from one of the oldest cities in Mozambique, Inhambane, lies the small town of Tofo. About 3.4 Kilometers from Tofo town, along the road parallel to the beach, and sign posted from the entrance to Tofo, you will find our Lodge; Mango Beach.

Our dune top bar and Restaurant overlooks the Indian Ocean, with impressive views of our private beach. All our accommodation is nestled behind our dune, affording you all the privacy necessary, and protection from the elements.


A taste of Tofo:-

Tofo is a quaint yet stunning eight kilometer stretch of sandy beach located on the southern coast of Mozambique, filled with beautiful grassy dunes, rolling surf and all year-round sunshine. Tofo abounds with activities, from the serious to the playful, Chartered Fishing, SCUBA diving courses (Some of the best diving in the world) to frolicking in the surf or sipping away at your favorite cocktail, eating Peri-Peri prawns while watching the whales cavort in their playground! You can also sit back and enjoy an easy day relaxing on the beach, praying to the Sun gods

Apart from our own local beach, where you can snorkel, and swim, both in the rock pools during high tide, or behind the rocky reef at low tide, there are two other beaches in the area, Tofo Beach, which is the main beach located right in front of the Tofo local market, and Tofinho (or little Tofo) which is a bit quieter, as long as it isn't surf season.  Tofo Beach offers a great swimming beach, as well as being used as the boat launch area for the local diving and fishing charters.   It has an abundance of small bars and restaurants, as well as a small market where you can buy all you may need from fresh fruit and seafood to cellular airtime.   Tofinho Beach is great for surfing and fly fishing.


Tofo is a great destination all year round.  The summer months are from November to March, with temperatures during the day ranging between 30°C - 38°C during the day, with a humidity of around 80%. Our rainy season usually starts in late December, January and February but these are mostly tropical showers that last only part of the day.  The winter months are from April to October, with temperatures ranging around 20-25°C. Evenings may become a little cooler, so you may want to bring something a little warmer than a costume.

More rain usually in late June / early July. With February and August being windy months, so avoid these if you want to do a lot of diving or deep sea fishing.

As mentioned, our diving is amongst the best in the world, offering marine life in abundance. Divers will undoubtedly see Manta's, Whale sharks and a plethora of micro marine life not to be found anywhere else in the world, and if you listen carefully you will hear the whales while underwater. Whale Sharks are found all year round but the larger numbers are here in the summer, between November and March.  Humpback whales usually arrive around mid-June and are here until mid-October. We trust that you will enjoy your Mozambican beach holiday experience and that we will see you here again and again...See you SOON!!


A place in the sun for you to relax, rejuvenate and find yourself again!!